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 (1)  Refereed Books:

  • A Researchers Guide to Electronic Database Searching.  National Distributing & Publishing Company (2002).

  • Studies in Reading Instruction in Saudi Arabia.  National Distributing & Publishing Company (2002).

  • An Arabic Word Identification Diagnostic Test For The First Three Grades. Center for Educational Research. College of Education. King Saud University (1995).


(2) Refereed Journal Articles:

  • Training ESP College Students in Electronic Searching.  Proceedings of the 2002 KAMALL International Conference entitled A New Paradigm for Innovative Multimedia Language Education in the 21 Century. Seoul, Korea. October 3-5, 2002.

      Effect of Web-based learning on Writing Achievement. Foreign Language Annals. (forthcoming 2002).


      The Internet and academic research. Third Yearbook of the Center for Research, King Saud University. (forthcoming 2002).


      Reading Lesson Design in Junior and Senior High School Reading Textbooks in Saudi Arabia. Risaalat Ul-Khaleej Al-Arabi. Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States. (Forthcoming 2002). 


  • Requirements of the transition from traditional learning to e-learning. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Association for Curriculum and Instruction, 157-170 (2001).

  • ESL Online Courses. Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Association for Curriculum and Instruction, 195-210 (2001).

  • Context Clues Instruction in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Reading Textbooks in Saudi Arabia. Cairo: Ain Shams University, Journal of Curriculum and Instruction Studies, 71, 73-97 (2001). 

  • Cohesion Skill Instruction In Junior And Senior Reading Textbooks In Saudi Arabia: An Evaluation Study. Risaalat Ul-Khaleej Al-Arabi. Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States, 87, 73-97 (2001).

  • Advance Organizers in Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Textbooks in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Educational Studies. Institute of Educational Studies, University of Cairo. July, 2001.

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  • Text Structure Instruction in Junior and Senior High School Reading Textbooks. 8th Yearbook of the Saudi Educational and Psychological Association (2001).

  • A Training Program For Developing College Faculty Computer Skills and Utilization In Language Teaching, Translation And Research Based On Their Instructional And Occupational Needs. Center for Research. Center for University Students. King Saud University (2001).

  • Analysis of Grammatical Agreement Errors in L1/L2 translation. International Review of Applied Linguistics, 38, 1-15 (2000).

  • Electronic Dictionaries and Translation. Linguistica Communicatio; 10 (2000).

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  • Classification of Word Identification Exercises In Elementary School Basal Readers. Third Yearbook of the Saudi Educational and Psychological Association (1992).

  • An ESP Program Model For Graduate Students At King Saud University Based On Their Academic And Occupational Needs. King Saud University Journal: Educational Sciences, 6, 1, 67-95 (1994).

  • Analysis of Saudi First, Second and Third Grade Students' Errors In Word Identification. Journal of Contemporary Education; Cairo; 9, 61, 88-147 (1994).

  • Classification of Reading Comprehension Questions In Elementary Basal Readers In Saudi Arabia.  Center for Educational Research, King Saud University (1989).

  • Criteria for Evaluating Graduate Programs. Proceedings of the Second Annual Symposium of the Graduate College. King Saud University, 103-126 (1989).


(3)  Non-Refereed Books and Articles:

  • Translated a historical research paper written by Gene Heck from English into Arabic for Shaikh Hamad Al-Jasser (1997).

  • An article entitled: The Different Social Groups. Al-Bilad Daily Newspaper, 9877, 1/10/1989.

  • An article entitled: Student Research Papers. Al-Riyadh Daily Newspaper, 7669, 19/11/1409H.

  • An article entitled Children with Reading Disability, Risalat al-Jamiaa, 561, 24/11/1415J.

  • Translated L. Ron Hubbards The learning Book (1990). New Era Publications International aps (1984).

  • A series of 26 articles for Risalat al-Jamiaa entitled: How to Use the Library Resources.  374-399, 1989.

  • Suggested and wrote Script for 3 Educational videos entitled: How to Use the Library Resource. (1989).

  • Article entitled Lack of Creativity in the Arab World. Risalat AL-Jamiaa, 380, 3/4/1409H.

  • 3 articles entitled Memoirs of a Visiting Professor. Risalat Al-Jamiaa, Fall 2000.

  • A model for a Media Center at the Center for University Women Students, KSU (1988).


(4)  Technical Reports:

  • Evaluation report of ESL program at King Faisal Schools in Riyadh (1998).

  • Reviewed and valuated the Diploma and B.A. Translation Plans at the College of Languages and Translation (1994).

  • Evaluation report of an ESL writing textbook entitled Words of Wisdom in Folly by Joan Keyoum (1988).